Looking Beyond the Notes: Techniques for Bringing Music to Life

Looking Beyond the Notes: Techniques for Bringing Music to Life

Playing the piano is multifaceted. As pianists grow, the way that we play the piano should grow as well. In the beginning, we learn about note names, dynamics, and articulation. These are important factors in our success as pianists and, oftentimes, when we master these techniques in a piece we dub the piece as “completed.” But, there is another facet: techniques to help bring our music to life.  Every note has a purpose, a musical word that creates a story, and it is up to us to discover the story, and play the story for our audience.

Elementary/Middle School Students: Listen to a recording of the piece, or play the piece. Does it have lyrics? Next, using a pen and paper write a short story about what YOU think is happening in the piece and keep the short story handy to look over. Every time you play your piece imagine the story unfolding on the keys. 

Junior High/High School Students: Research the composer and the piece. What time period does it take place in? Ask your teacher for more background about the musical time period. For example: classical period dynamics and romantic period dynamics are very different. 

Our goal as musicians is to create beautiful music. Let’s use every resource available to achieve our goals.


Amber Burgett, A.A., Piano Instructor

Tricia Diaz Carrion

My son loves Ms. Michelle... She's an awesome piano/organ teacher!

Tricia Diaz Carrion / parent
Jennifer Ortega

San Antonio Music Academy is very well organized. My daughter's piano teacher is wonderful! She's been taking lessons for 5 months and looks forward to each lesson. I really enjoy the recitals at the LOL Comedy Club.

Jennifer Ortega / parent
Aimee Tigar

Great place, totally recommend it.

Aimee Tigar / parent
Elio Maldonado Jr.

Jacob was an excellent guitar instructor. He was patient and prepared. I definitely recommend him to any person wanting to learn guitar.

Elio Maldonado Jr. / parent
Crystal Reyes

We absolutely  San Antonio Music Academy!!! All 3 of my children take lessons and they love it. My daughter Taylor has really improved her vocal abilities with the help of a wonderful vocal teacher.

Crystal Reyes / parent
Kelly Walden

Mark is excellent with our autistic son who recently began piano lessons at the Music Academy. Very patient and kind instructor. Highly recommended.

Kelly Walden / parent
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