Moonlight Ballroom

Sunday, December 8

Steinway Piano Gallery

Saturday, December 7 

Saturday, December 14 

Saturday, December 21 

Saturday, January 11, 2025

Recital FAQ

Is there a cost for students to participate in the recital?

The recital fee is $50 per student and just $25 for each additional student within the same family account. The recital fee will be deducted from the account on file along with tuition.

What time should students arrive?

Students should arrive 15 minutes before the start of their recital time. Arriving early ensures that a student has the time to tune their instrument, speak with their instructor, find their place on the program, and acclimate to the environment before going on stage.

Is there a cost for a student to have a live accompaniment?

In some cases, an instructor would like a student to have a live accompanist, such as a pianist accompanying a violin student. In this case, the fee for the accompanist is $35 and will be taken along with tuition. Your instructor is responsible for notifying you whether or not they would like you to have an accompaniment. At that point, you are welcome to agree to or deny having an accompaniment.

How should performers dress for the recital?

The recommended attire is “Sunday best”. This is also referred to as business casual or business formal and is similar to how you would dress for church or another semi-formal event.

How many guests are we allowed to bring?

For the Moonlight Ballroom and Woodland Church, you are welcome to bring as many guests as you’d like. The venue is very large and can accommodate many people.

The Luella Bennack Music Center at UIW seats about 100 people. We estimate that each performer will bring 4-5 guests or less. If you plan on bringing more guests, there is a possibility that there will be standing room only.

The Steinway Piano Gallery is a much smaller venue that can only seat about 50 people. We anticipate that each performer will have 4-5 guests, so each recital time is set to feature a limited number of performers. If you plan on bringing more guests, there is a possibility that there will be standing room only.

Do guests have to purchase a ticket to attend the recital?

No, there is no fee for guests to attend.

If they’d like to show their support, there will be flowers and t-shirts available for purchase at each venue.

At what point is a student ready to perform in a recital?

A student can be ready to perform in a recital as early as a few weeks into lessons. While a recital performance is a time to share a student’s talent with family and friends, it’s also a time for a student to get better at a very important skill – performing. Performing is part of being a musician; the more a musician does it, the more comfortable they become. So in order to be able to perform, a student just needs to know one song – long or short, simple or difficult – just one.

How long does each recital last?

The recitals at both recital venues typically last around 45 minutes. We ask that each audience member and student stay until the end of the recital out of respect for the other performers.

Are audience members allowed to record and take photos?

Yes! It’s encouraged. Please take as many photos and videos as you’d like. Please share them on our Facebook page or Instagram.

I'm nervous about performing. What should I do?

You’re not alone. Many students get nervous before a performance. The most important thing is that you are prepared to play your recital song/piece.  On stage, you are simply showing the audience something you have done many times in a SAMA practice room or at home in your bedroom. And because you’ve played/sung your recital song/piece so many times, you’ll be able to play/sing it one more time. So don’t worry – you’ll do great!

Map of Moonlight Ballroom

Map of Luella Bennack Music Center (UIW)

Jesusa Pons-Garner

I’ve had both my children attend lessons at this location. The staff is absolutely wonderful. Mrs. Amber is an incredible piano instructor!

Jesusa Pons-Garner / parent
Jennifer Ortega

San Antonio Music Academy is very well organized. My daughter's piano teacher is wonderful! She's been taking lessons for 5 months and looks forward to each lesson. I really enjoy the recitals at the LOL Comedy Club.

Jennifer Ortega / parent
Esmeralda Saavedra

My daughter has been registered here since she was 7. Each instructor she’s had has been very friendly and great to work with. Currently she has lessons with Ms Maria and we are so grateful for her and the entire SAMA staff. I can’t recommend enough.

Esmeralda Saavedra / parent
Elio Maldonado Jr.

Jacob was an excellent guitar instructor. He was patient and prepared. I definitely recommend him to any person wanting to learn guitar.

Elio Maldonado Jr. / parent
Crystal Reyes

We absolutely  San Antonio Music Academy!!! All 3 of my children take lessons and they love it. My daughter Taylor has really improved her vocal abilities with the help of a wonderful vocal teacher.

Crystal Reyes / parent
Steve Dell

San Antonio Music Academy is awesome, my son loves the guitar lessons and is super excited to attend every week! He started with zero experience and progressed surprisingly fast. Randy is an amazingly talented guitarist/teacher. He is very patient, yet knows how to push students to the next level. Highly recommend all the instructors, the staff is great!

Steve Dell / parent
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